Yo. I’m Lisa Reynolds, a long-time lucid dreamer with tons of experience to share. I started this blog because when I was starting to learn about lucid dreaming, it was super-hard-to-find information. Some people have great ebooks out there, but they’re super-technical, and they don’t always hit on the everyday techniques that people often use for lucid dreaming. Plus, I always hated sorting through forums for information on specific topics. Forums can be super helpful, since you’re getting information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, but they’re also frustrating when you’re desperate for a technique that lets you do something specific.

Lest you think I’m perfect at this lucid dreaming thing, I’ll give you a bit of background. I’m a reader, and a huge video game player. I’ve always had a few vivid dreams now and again, but I never spontaneously had lucid dreams like some people I’ve met and read about. (Lucky pricks.)

About ten years ago, I came across some information about lucid dreaming and what it can do for you as far as stress relief goes. I was going through some really stressful things in my life, so stress relief sounded great. I mean, I was already working out regularly and losing myself in books whenever I got the chance, but it just wasn’t cutting it. I really needed something else to release all the steam that was building up in my emotions every day.

It was kind of weird at first, and I didn’t really talk to anyone – except on some forums and newsgroups specifically about lucid dreaming – about my attempts at lucid dreaming. Any time I mentioned it to someone who wasn’t already familiar with the idea, they just looked at me like I was fricking nuts. So, I just kept my mouth shut.

Well, I’m a pretty creative person, but I still had trouble with lucid dreaming for months. In the first three months, I had just two quick lucid dreams. I didn’t even do anything in them but know I was dreaming. It was frustrating, and I’m actually not sure what made me hold on, but I’m so glad I did.

Once I started becoming better with the Wake Back to Bed Technique, which is one of my favorites, I started having lucid dreams more often. I tried a little of everything, too, including rewarding my few lucid dreams with dark chocolate I kept by the bed, falling asleep repeating mnemonics to myself, visualizing the type of dream I wanted to have, and even using urination-induced lucid dreaming once in a while (don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds).

Finally, I learned the combination of techniques that seemed to really hit the nail on the head for me. After about six months of trying, I was up to one or two lucid dreams a week, and I was finding ways to keep them going for longer, so I was having twenty-minute or half-hour dreams before too long.

Then I started trying dream control techniques. Since I really wanted stress relief, I wanted to use my dreams to go on vacation. After three attempts at walking through a door that was supposed to hold the Italian coast on the other side and that woke me up, I succeeded. I was back in Cinque Terre, Italy, where I’d taken a vacation three years before. It was gorgeous, and I could feel the ocean breeze.

After that, I got addicted to teleportation for a while. Then, I started adding in new techniques. I’d time travel back to the periods of my favorite era of time – the Victorian era, if you’re curious. I even went into the worlds of some of my most beloved fantasy novels, including Victorianesque steampunk worlds. I played around with slowing time, which is still a little difficult for me to do, so I don’t try it all that often. I brought new characters into my dreams and played out complicated scenarios with them.

As lucid dreaming got easier for me, I started getting a little more serious about it. I’d use it to work out interpersonal issues by having conversations with friends in my dreams, and I used it even to figure out theses for my major papers in my senior year. Eventually, I overcame my fear of creepy-crawlies, particularly centipedes, using lucid dreams. These days, I find myself traveling back to Italy a lot, though, just to breathe a little when life gets super busy, as it tends to do when you’ve got a job and a family and such.

And talking about lucid dreaming? It’s not so scary for me anymore, as you can see. In fact, lots of new research has come out in the last few years, so I can point to that so people know I’m not a total nutjob. My experiences have drawn some of my friends to try lucid dreaming. When I was talking to them about what I knew, the idea of putting it all down on the web somewhere kept coming up, so I decided to start this blog on the best lucid dreaming techniques.

Most of these techniques I’ve tried myself at least a few times, though they don’t all work for me by any means. A few are just from research I’ve done and conversations I’ve had with other lucid dreamers. Hopefully, though, you’ll find that in these techniques are some things you can use to get your own lucid dreaming experience started. Now go forth and weave a mosaic of awareness, explore worlds filled with magic, discover incongruent truths, and soar through clouds lined with silver. It’s an exhilarating feeling.

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    Feel free to ask me anything related to specific lucid dreaming techniques, dream control methods, etc. If you're having a hard time performing a certain technique, if you need help with staying lucid, or if you've got a technique variation of your own, let me know! You can contact me at: reytopian@gmail.com
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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher