Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

There are so many benefits of lucid dreaming that I barely know where to start when talking about them. The benefits of lucid dreaming begin with being able to cultivate stress relief through your dreams – at least, that’s the one that I like most. But lucid dreaming can have many other concrete benefits in your own life. Here are just some of the benefits of lucid dreaming I’ve seen in my own life and in the lives of other lucid dreamers I’ve encountered:

  • Stress Relief: Like I said, this is one of my favorite benefits of lucid dreaming. During particularly stressful times in my life, it’s been a huge boon to be able to enter into a lucid dream and take a relaxing Hawaiian vacation for free. Lots of people use sex in lucid dreams for stress relief, or they may act out fantasies where they’re beating all the bad guys in their lives, representing busting all the stress factors they have at the moment.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Many scientists and mathematicians see this as the best of the benefits of lucid dreaming. They can think about a problem in their dreams. Since the brain is working in a different way, it will often make new connections you wouldn’t have thought of before, making it easier to come up with ways to solve problems. You can also use lucid dreams to solve problems in your interpersonal life by “trying out” different solutions and seeing how they play out in your dream.
  • Creativity Boost: Many people are super creative in their lucid dreams, and you can be intentionally so. Some painters and inventors use lucid dreams to find ideas that they use in real life, and musicians can compose real music in dreams, as well. Even if you aren’t in a creative profession, it can be interesting to see how your brain makes new connections on a subconscious level, and you can take some of this creativity with you into your everyday life.
  • Practice Skills: In lucid dreams, Stephen LaBerge asserts that you can actually practice physical skills to improve them over time. Many martial arts practitioners, pilots, surgeons, and other people whose jobs depend on their being able to do a series of specific actions very efficiently practice their skills in lucid dreams. This is one of the great benefits of lucid dreaming, since it can actually solidify real connections in the brain to make these actions more natural in everyday life.
  • Facing Fears: Some people use lucid dreams to overcome nightmares or face their phobias. You can set up your lucid dream to face a worst case scenario, so you already know that you can get through it. You can also use your dreams to slowly experience your fears and to know you can conquer them. I love these benefits of lucid dreaming. For instance, I used to be terrified of creepy-crawlies. In my dreams, though, I kept making myself face them, knowing I could wake up at any time. Now I still don’t particularly enjoy them, but I can get over much of the fear that used to come with them.

These aren’t the only benefits of lucid dreaming, but they’re the ones that I most often hear from other people and experience for myself. The only way to experience all these benefits of lucid dreaming is to start doing it! Look through the rest of this blog to get ideas about how you can start lucid dreaming and controlling your dreams to face your fears, practice vital skills, or just relieve stress accumulated through everyday life!

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher