Brainsync Review

This Brainsync review was one of my favorites to write so far because Brainsync has so many great products out there for better sleep and lucid dreaming experiences. Like all my other reviews, my Brainsync review is based on personal experience, and I really want to share this particular company with my readers. Here’s what you need to know about Brainsync and their products.

Brainsync Review: How it Works

Brainsync is an interesting company that combines different techniques to get your brain, well, in sync. One of these techniques is called brainwave entrainment. It uses alpha and delta waves buried in beats and music to get your brain to sync up with them so you can get into the frame of mind you need to be in for relaxation or sleep. Brainsync products also use subliminal messages, which help set a positive frame of mind and make you more open to what life, sleep, and lucid dreaming have for you. All of it is wrapped in the package of soothing music that’s pleasant to listen to, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to write this Brainsync review. They’re just fun to listen to.

Brainsync Review: Different Options

One of the best parts about Brainsync is that they’ve taken the science of syncing up your brain and delivered it in several different ways. Different CDs can be used for different purposes, and I’d highly recommend these three in particular:

Deep Sleep: This CD is really calming and it has subliminal messages in it that help you surrender to sleep. You can fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply because your brain enters into a delta phase from the start. This is the deepest phase of sleep, and after you’re in delta, your brain can cycle through the different phases of sleep as it would naturally.

Guided Relaxation: This is probably my favorite Brainsync CD because you can use it during the day. Any time you’re starting to feel a little overwrought, you can use guided relaxation to bring yourself to a more relaxed, stress-free posture. This one’s great because it has two tracks. The first one guides you in relaxing your mind, and the second one uses alpha waves and music to help you relax at your own pace. They don’t make you sleepy – just relaxed and alert – so I like using them in the middle of the day. It’s as refreshing as an afternoon nap.

Lucid Dreaming: Unlike other lucid dreaming CDs that are meant to be used when you’re falling asleep, this Lucid Dreaming CD is for listening during the day. It uses subliminal messages about remembering your dreams along with theta waves and the sound of the ocean to make you more likely to remember your dreams and remember that you’re dreaming at night. It’s kind of like MILD on steroids, and since I like the MILD technique, I like this CD.

So, let this Brainsync review convince you to go check out these products that I love. I actually like them so much that I’ve bought the Guided Relaxation CD for a few friends I know to be going through stressful times, and they’ve always come back with excellent reviews about how their Brainsync CD helped them work through problems just by relaxing in the midst of the storm, so to speak.

Right now, I’m not having sleep troubles, so Deep Sleep isn’t in heavy use at the moment. However, I do struggle with insomnia from time to time, and this is one of my go-to solutions to get the problem solved as quickly as possible so I don’t have to suffer from sleep deprivation.

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