Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a really interesting phenomenon that can help you learn to fall asleep faster and deeper or to have lucid dreams. Essentially, brainwave entrainment occurs when your actual brainwaves, which move in a rhythm, sync up with outside stimuli – normally sounds, but sometimes visuals. Brainwave entrainment has been studied quite a bit recently, and it’s resulted in some very interesting products that can help you fall asleep or have lucid dreams – all without drugs or other harmful items.

Brainwave entrainment is particularly interesting because it can actually train your brain over time. If you use brainwave entrainment often enough and for long enough, your brain will start to take on the natural patterns that it formed when syncing up with that outside stimulus. Brainwave entrainment has been shown to improve learning and memory during the day, to lower stress, to deal with ADHD and other similar issues, and to improve sleep.

You see, your brain naturally has different rhythms or frequencies throughout the day. When your brain is in a delta pattern, for instance, you’re most likely in a deep sleep and you’re very relaxed. In a beta state, you’re in your normal awake and alert state, and when you’re in an alpha state, you may be very relaxed and particularly creative by making interesting new connections in your mind.

Training your brain to move through these different phases in a certain way can definitely help you with your quest to have lucid dreams, and this is where products like the lucid dreaming brain frequency recordings from Unexplainable Store come in handy.

This product is based on the latest research on brainwave entrainment and things like binaural beats, which are natural ways to get your brain’s frequencies to change. By using binaural beats and isochronic tones, these recordings can help your brain move into certain stages that are necessary for lucid dreaming. When I’m having difficulty bringing myself into a lucid state in my dreams, I find that these recordings help more than almost anything else.

Basically, the lucid dreaming recording is meant to take you between two brain states. In the theta state when you’re asleep, you’re likely to be dreaming, but you aren’t going to be fully conscious. In the alpha state, you’re more awake and your consciousness is able to awake. Throughout the night, your brain naturally cycles through these two phases, as well as the delta phase when you’re very deeply asleep.

To dream lucidly, you need to be at an in-between sort of phase. You have to have theta waves going on so that you can dream, but you also need alpha waves so that your consciousness can be awakened and you can realize you’re dreaming. Learning to induce this state naturally is possible, but it can be difficult for some people.

It was certainly difficult for me at first. When I discovered these recordings, though, my lucid dreaming journey became so much easier. Just by listening to the forty-five minute lucid dreaming recording, I was able to more naturally become lucid during my dreams.

Whether you’re a new lucid dreamer or someone who has been lucid dreaming for a while but is hitting a rough spot, I’d highly recommend these recordings to make lucidity easier to achieve. The recordings are easy on the ears, and they aren’t really what you’d expect, but they definitely work! I know lots of people who have become lucid using these recordings when they’ve never been able to do it before.

Of course, it’s great, too, because since these recordings are using brainwave entrainment, they’ll actually train your brain to follow these patterns on its own. Eventually, you’ll no longer need the recordings but will still be able to become lucid in your dreams.

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