CILD – Clock Induced Lucid Dreams

CILD, or Clock Induced Lucid Dreams, are dreams where you use a clock to induce lucidity. There are a couple of different ways to induce dreams using clocks. One is a very traditional option for lucid dreaming, and the other involves setting your cell phone alarm clock. Here’s what you need to know about CILD, which is a solid induction technique that might work for you.

Traditional Clock Checking

CILD is arguably one of the oldest techniques in the book – at least as long as digital clocks have been around! Analog clocks tend to move in a pretty predictable way in lucid dreams, but digital clocks, for some reason, don’t. In many of the traditional lucid dreaming books, they’ll tell you to use your digital clock for a reality check if you find one near you.

Basically, you just look at the clock, look away, and look back to the clock. If the time has changed unexpectedly, you’re in a dream, and you can use CILD to become lucid.

Clocks are a pretty common dream symbol, too, so even analog clocks can be used for CILD in the right way. If you find yourself dreaming lots of dreams in which clocks play a big part, you can start training yourself to do a reality check whenever you see clocks.

There was a time in my life when I was stressed about time, so clocks would always be a part of my dreams, it seemed like. So, I decided to use that to my advantage with CILD. Every time I saw a clock during the day, I’d do a reality check. In just a couple of weeks, I’d trained myself well enough that I was reality checking when clocks were featured in my dreams. It was a big breakthrough for me, and I was able to use CILD become lucid more often as well as to start learning dream control methods that allowed me to make my dreams less stressful and more soothing.

Newer Methods

Lucid dreaming techniques are always evolving with dreamers. Recently, people have started using their cellphones for CILD. Rightly, this can be either called Clock or Cellphone Induced Lucid Dreaming. Some dreamers are starting to use their cellphones, set on vibrate, to wake them during the night, so that they can then fall back to sleep and have a more lucid dream. This is the same thing as using an alarm clock to wake you. However, for those who have trouble going back to sleep, it may work better because the vibrations may not wake you all the way.

If vibrations don’t wake you up at all, you can also attach your cellphone to your body in some way when you go to bed. Your cell phone can be set to vibrate, and you’ll feel the vibration during REM sleep if you time it correctly.

For a few days before you try it, you’ll want to set your cell alarm clock to vibrate in the same spot during the day so that CILD will work at night. Every time it goes off, perform a reality check. Then, it will be a dream signal in your dreams.

Apparently, new research shows that visual and tactile cues are better than audible cues for inducing lucid dreaming, so the vibration technique using CILD can work really well for you!

Unfortunately, I use my cell phone on vibrate to actually wake me up in the morning, so this technique doesn’t work for me because my vibrating cell just wakes me up. Lots of people have had success with this high-tech method of CILD, though, simply using their cell’s alarm clock to induce lucid dreaming at the right time during REM sleep each night.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher