Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation for lucid dreaming isn’t an essential, but it can be really interesting. There are tons of different ways to do dream interpretation, all based on different theories of why we dream and what our dreams are trying to tell us. Many theories of dream interpretation are based on psychological ideas, and some are based on religious ideas. No matter what form of dream interpretation you choose, though, there will probably be some emotion involved in your interpretation, since we normally dream according to the emotions we’re experiencing at any given point.

So, if you’re interested in dream interpretation – even if you want to interpret non-lucid dreams – here are some basic interpretations for common dreams.

Naked Dream Interpretation

Interpreting naked dreams is definitely a very emotion-based thing. Typically, you use clothes to either reveal your personality or shield it by becoming something else. Sometimes when you’re naked in your dreams, your brain is trying to tell you to stop hiding who you really are. Clothing also symbolizes preparedness, since you prepare for every day with the clothes you choose. If you’re naked at an important event or place, you may be feeling unprepared for a test at school or a presentation at work. Dreaming about being naked and feeling proud of that fact can mean that you’ve come to a new place of understanding about yourself and are finally glad to be who you are.

Chasing Dream Interpretation

Dreams of being chased are almost always based on anxieties and fears you experience during the day. Many times the chaser in your dream is really representative of a part of yourself, like your own fear or jealousy. In this case, it can be super helpful in dream interpretation and self-awareness to become lucid in your dream and to face your chaser to see what it represents about you. Chasing dream interpretation can also just be that you’re actually afraid of being physically attacked, which is a common problem for people who have been attacked before.

Tooth Dream Interpretation

Dreams about teeth falling out or crumbling are surprisingly common, and dream interpretation related to these dreams can be really interesting. Since our teeth are often a large part of how we look, these dreams can represent anxieties about how we look and feel about ourselves. Dreams of teeth falling out may be related to feelings of sexual rejection or inadequacy, or they may be tied to anxieties in other areas of life. Some dream interpretation notes that tooth-related dreams may be the physical body’s way of telling us that it isn’t getting necessary nourishment in daily life.

Flying Dream Interpretation

Flying dreams are some of the most interesting, and often the most fun, for lucid and non-lucid dreamers alike. Flying dreams often mean that you’ve found freedom in your life, but if you can’t control your flight, you may be unable to control situations in your own life, as well. When you’re flying too high and are afraid, it may symbolize that you’re afraid of success and reaching new heights in life.

Dream Interpretation Basics

As you can see, all of these common dreams can have multiple interpretations, based on your perspective and what’s going on in your life at the time. Dream interpretation isn’t set in stone, and it’s very subjective. Learning something about interpreting your dreams, though, can be helpful in your journey to self-discovery, since it can help you begin to understand what your dreams might be telling you about yourself and the way your mind and emotions work.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher