How to Become Invincible

One of the best things about lucid dreaming is that you can become invincible. It’s great when you’re using your dreams as tools to fight your worst fears, which can be a great way to get over a phobia. Play around with invincibility, and you can also have some great superhero dreams that will leave you feeling thoroughly empowered when you wake up.

Invincibility is similar to other things in your lucid dreams, in that as long as you can believe you’re invincible, you can become invincible. For some lucid dreamers, this is all it takes to become invincible or fly or whatever. Newer dreamers, though, might need to use some popular techniques to help them become invincible in dreams.

Keep in mind that whatever you do, you may need to start out small. Test your invincibility as you go, and as you do, you’ll start to believe it more, which gives you even more power to be invincible against your worst nightmares.

Techniques to Become Invincible

Of course, there are as many ways to become invincible in dreams as there are dreamers who want to become invincible. The key to successfully controlling your dreams is being creative and imaginative. Figure out what works for you, and stick with it. These techniques have been used by lots of other dreamers, though, so you might start here to see what works for you.

  1. Give yourself a cloak or suit of invincibility. Creating dream objects is a great way to make yourself invincible or do just about anything else in your dream. Just imagine that there’s a special piece of invincibility equipment in the next room, and then go get it. (This often works for me, as I can just walk into the next room and it’ll be there.) It can be anything you want – even just a piece of jewelry. Once you put it on, know that you’re going to become invincible, and then enjoy fighting all your dream monsters as an invincible superhero.
  2. Just become invincible, and test it slowly. Telling yourself that you’re invincible now in your dream will work, as long as you can believe that you’ll be invincible. First, try something like shooting yourself in the foot that you know wouldn’t be fatal anyway. If that works, then try jumping off a building or doing something equally crazy that will let you see if you’re invincible. Just a couple of tests will tell you if this method works for you or if you actually need to start by creating a dream object of invincibility.
  3. Use video game methods. Video gamers normally have an easier time with dream control because they’re so used to controlling dream-like situations in video games. If you’re a gamer, this technique for invincibility will probably be most useful for you. Imagine a life bar in the corner of your dream perspective that gives you 9999 hit points. Just imagine that no matter what happens to you, that hit points bar stays the same, so you never actually take any damage. Of course, this can work for non-gamers, too, but it seems to work particularly well for people who have at least played a few video games.

There are all sorts of other ways to become invincible while you’re practicing other superhuman powers, like superhuman jumping or superhuman speed. It makes your dreams so much more interesting when nothing can hurt you. Once you become invincible, try facing some of your worst fears, whether it’s spiders or heights or whatever. You’ll find that if you can beat your fears in your dreams, it will be much easier to fight them and overcome them in real life.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher