How to Change the Scenery

Changing the scenery in your lucid dreams is a little bit like teleporting, but it’s also different for some people. Sometimes, you want to stay in the same place but want to change the weather or the season. Other times, you want to morph the scenery into something fantastic or alien, and it may be easier to actively change the scenery rather than to attempt to teleport to a place you’ve never been or know isn’t actually real.

As with everything else in dream control, you simply need to know that you can change the scenery. Don’t believe you can do it! Just expect it to happen. Expectations are everything in lucid dreaming, so once you become lucid, start working on expecting things to happen and then just watching them happen.

Basic Ways to Change the Scenery

There are hundreds of ways to cause scenery to change in lucid dreams, and every dreamer has a unique way to do it. However, a few basic techniques have shown themselves to be helpful to many lucid dreamers over time when they want to change the scenery. Here are a few of the most popular and most effective scenery changing techniques out there – I’ve personally tested all of these.

  1. Spin. Spinning in lucid dreams is one of the most valuable tricks for some people. For some, it causes the dream to become unstable and causes them to wake up. Others, though, find that the physical sensation of spinning gives them more control. Spin in a complete circle while you imagine the scenery changes you want to happen. When you’re done spinning, expect the scenery to be different, and it will.
  2. Imagine New Scenery. Using your imagination within a lucid dream is helpful. Some people like to close their eyes and imagine the scene they want to be there when they open them, expecting that scene to be there.  Others find that it’s helpful to describe the scenery they want to change in words, which can make the imagination work in more detail. Some people find they cannot close their eyes, as it makes the dream unstable or causes them to wake up.
  3. Flip a Switch. When you want to turn things from night to day, which can be one of the toughest things for some to master, imagine a switch that can turn on the sun or the moon – or turn them off again. You can actually use switches for all sorts of things, like making water run or stop running.
  4. Use a Watch. If you’re doing landscape changes that could happen in time – as in seasonal changes, changing night to day or day to night, or even making a canyon – you might want to fast-forward time. Simply look at a clock or watch, and make the numbers go faster. You could also look at a calendar and make the days go faster if you’re doing major changes. Sometimes this feels more natural, since time would have changed the landscape, anyway.
  5. Walk Through a Door. This is a method also used for teleportation, but it can work for simply changing the scenery, as well. With this method, you just envision a door and know that the scenery you need to find is behind it. Walk through the door, and you’ll find the new scenery there. If you aren’t able to spontaneously conjure up a door at first, and if there aren’t any doors in your immediate vicinity, then expect a door to appear behind you when you turn around, and it’ll be there.

These are certainly some very effective techniques to change the scenery in a lucid dream. Experiment with these five options until you figure out what works best. As always, use your own imagination and preferences to make sure you’re using techniques that work for you.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher