How to Fall Asleep

Most people have trouble figuring out how to fall asleep at some point in their lives. You may struggle to find out how to fall asleep because of stress, your environment, or any number of physical problems. Some learn how to fall asleep properly only after months of trying, and others only struggle with how to fall asleep for a few days or weeks at a time. No matter where you are on this issue, learning how to fall asleep is vital to lucid dreaming – and to your health in general.

There have been times in my life when I haven’t been able to learn how to fall asleep due to problems with stress and other issues in my life. In these times, I fall back on a few techniques I know to work. Here’s what I do when I can’t figure out how to fall asleep naturally:

  1. Set a routine. Sometimes I struggle with how to fall asleep simply because I’ve gotten out of my routine. When I need to get back into it, I’ll start gradually, adjusting my bedtime and wake time to what I know will be sustainable throughout the routine of a week. Then, I stick with this routine until it’s easier to fall asleep.
  2. Do something until you’re tired. I’m a big reader, so I’ll often read a book until I get sleepy. You can also do other soothing things, including, maybe listening to music or a book on CD, until you get sleepy. The key here is to do something – not in your bed but elsewhere – just until you’re tired. Then, go to bed, and don’t think about falling asleep – just do it. I’ve found I can’t do this with gripping mystery books, or I end up one-more-chaptering myself to two in the morning. It’s also not a good idea to take your activity into the actual bed, since reserving the bed for sleep alone can help you fall asleep faster.
  3. Get more exercise. If I’m having trouble figuring out how to fall asleep, it often comes back to my lack of regular exercise. You know how it is. How many times do you plan to work out for X minutes a day only to fall off your plan in a few weeks? When I fall out of a regular exercise routine, I have trouble sleeping, so it’s a good idea to exercise at least thirty minutes most days of the week if you’re having trouble sleeping.
  4. Use guided relaxation. My mind often races so much that I have trouble falling asleep. When this happens, I use Guided Relaxation to get to sleep. It uses brainwave entrainment to lull my brain into more sleep-friendly states. I like using this CD even when I just need a refreshment mid-day, since it can help me relax and become less stressed in general.
  5. Take a warm bath. I absolutely love warm baths, and they can help me when I’m struggling to figure out how to fall asleep. I’ll normally add some lavender essential oil to the bath to make it even more relaxing. The key here is to make sure you aren’t taking your bath too close to bedtime because if your body temperature rises, you will have trouble falling asleep. I like to take a twenty minute bath that ends about an hour before I need to fall asleep.

If you’re struggling with how to fall asleep, why not try some of my most tried-and-true techniques? These are the ones that work for me and many other people, but the important thing is that you figure out what works for you.

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