How to Have an Out of Body Experience

Many lucid dreamers wonder about how to have an out of body experience. If you’re curious about how to have an out of body experience, you need to know that there are a few specific techniques that make it easier. How to have an out of body experience is similar in some ways to how to have a lucid dream, but it’s also a little different. Many times, though, lucid dreams turn into true out of body experiences, where you feel your astral body floating above your physical body and out into space or specific places.

When you’re wondering how to have an out of body experience, it may be a good idea to check out different techniques. Some are fairly complicated, while others are a little simpler. As with all lucid dreaming techniques and goals, your way of how to have an out of body experience may be different from someone else’s because no two minds, bodies, or dream experiences are exactly alike.

Some people have more trouble with how to have an out of body experience than others, even if they’re accomplished lucid dreamers. Keep this in mind when you’re working on these techniques. I, for one, had a hard time learning how to have an out of body experience, and it took a few months of trying even after I was experienced in lucid dreaming in general.

How to Have an Out of Body Experience: Some Techniques

Robert Monroe in Journeys Out of the Body explores one complex out of body experience technique. He says that because most out of body experiences start with a sense of movement or vibration, you should start out by inducing this state on your own. Then, you learn how to have an out of body experience without ever actually falling asleep, so this technique is somewhat similar to the WILD technique.

Monroe suggests that you relax with your head facing north, removing any tight clothing and metal jewelry but staying warm and comfortable. During this phase, you should repeat to yourself a mantra about having an out of body experience and its benefits for you so that you set your intentions on this goal. Next, you want to bring yourself into the hypnagogic state, which will involve imagery entering your mind even though you’re still awake.

Once you get into this hypnagogic state, you can close your eyes and start to gaze at the blackness on the backs of your eyelids. Light patterns from neurons firing will appear, and then they’ll fade away. After this, focus on relaxing even more until you become unaware of your body. After this type of relaxing, you should enter into a vibrational state, and your body will go rigid.

Once in the vibrational state, you can start learning to control it. This is a little like controlling your dream body in a lucid dream. Start by grasping an object that’s out of reach of your physical body. You can leave your body gradually by thinking about floating upwards and becoming lighter. Again, if you’ve got some lucid dreaming experience, this can be easier since you already know something about controlling your dream body.

At any rate, this technique sounds really involved and intricate. However, after you try learning how to have an out of body experience, you’ll find that most of these progressive states Monroe suggests using actually happen to your body in the normal course of falling asleep. The key is to maintain the line between relaxation and sleep so that you don’t slip over into sleep, at which point you’re more likely to have lucid dreams than an actual out of body experience.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher