How to Have Sex in Dreams

Many beginning lucid dreamers ask me about how to have sex in dreams. In fact, many people who want to learn lucid dreaming primarily want to do so in order to learn how to have sex in dreams. I wouldn’t recommend using lucid dreams primarily to learn how to have sex in dreams at first, since there are many other beneficial things you can do with your lucid dreams. However, learning how to have sex in dreams can be really fun and beneficial to helping you relax and enjoy the world of lucid dreaming.

The Basics of How to Have Sex in Dreams

The key to learning how to have sex in dreams at will rather than just by chance is, of course, learning to become lucid first. Once you can become lucid in your dreams, you can do anything in them, including have sex or even have a real orgasm. If you’re not sure how to become lucid in your dreams, there are plenty of articles elsewhere on this blog to help you out. One option you can use to help you is the Lucid Dreaming MP3 from the Unexplainable Store. It uses brainwave entrainment to bring your brain into a more lucid-dreaming-like state that makes becoming lucid and staying lucid much easier. For beginners, the Lucid Dreaming MP3 can be one of the absolute best ways to get started.

Once you’ve already learned to lucid dream, however, you need to start working on how to have sex in dreams. First, there are a couple of things you need to know:

  1. Sex isn’t a controllable thing in real life, and it won’t be in your dreams, either. Even if you’re an adept lucid dreamer and can shapeshift, fly, or change the landscape with a snap of your fingers, don’t expect to be able to control sexual encounters.
  2. Like in real life, sexual encounters in dreams are really more about connecting with another being than they are about physical pleasure. Focus too much on the physical pleasure, and you’ll end up unable to learn how to have sex in dreams at all.
  3. Dream characters can have minds of their own. Even if you can use mind control on them in other situations, it may not work when it comes to sex. Approach them more like you would real people who are also looking for connection, and ask for consent before you try to initiate a sexual encounter.

Once you understand these things, you can go about learning how to have sex in lucid dreams. It normally starts by setting the environment of your fantasy, and then finding dream characters. They may not always be who you think they will be, but you should feel relaxed enough to give it a go anyway. Sometimes you’ll be surprised at what happens when you have a sexual encounter with someone – or something – unexpected!

One thing to note about learning how to have sex in lucid dreams is that your dream characters will often transform while you’re in the actual act. Sometimes this can be scary, but it can also be a learning experience with its own rewards. If you get too freaked out, simply wake up. Otherwise, work through your fear and continue the encounter to see where it leads. You can end up in some surprising places.

It took me years to really learn how to have sex in dreams, and it’s still not my primary goal when it comes to lucid dreaming. However, it can be fun and fulfilling sometimes, so I encourage all lucid dreamers to give it a go.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher