How to Sleep Well

If you’re wondering how to sleep well, chances are you’ve struggled with sleep in the past – or maybe you’re struggling now. Luckily for you, I’ve been there. I can’t tell everyone how to sleep well, since different people have different issues, but I can tell you what’s been shown in science and what’s worked for me. Here are just a few tips on how to sleep well.

Sleep Well and Tight Book

The Sleep Well and Tight book provides everyone with much-needed advice on how to sleep well. I went through a period in my life when I just wasn’t getting enough sleep, and I came across this book. It’s definitely worth checking out for anyone who has trouble sleeping on a regular basis.

Changing Eating Habits

One thing many people don’t consider when thinking about how to sleep well is the fact that what they eat plays a big role in how they sleep. This doesn’t just go for their caffeine habits, either. In fact, depending on how you react to caffeine, that may just be a small part of the problem.

Instead, consider how other types of foods – those that give you gas or indigestion, in particular – can cause you to wake up at night, disrupting sleep and creating unhealthy sleep patterns. Also, you should avoid large meals at night, since this can also cause problems with sleep.

One thing that worked for me on my quest of finding out how to sleep well was to eat a small snack before bedtime. I try to make it heavy on the complex carbohydrates, since my body breaks them down over time and keeps me feeling full and comfortable as I fall asleep. Oatmeal with a bit of honey is one of my favorite pre-bedtime snacks now.

Get On a Schedule

Getting your sleep life on a schedule is imperative to learning how to sleep well. It’s also great if you’re working on lucid dreaming, since you can more effectively use techniques like CAT and WBTB. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Even if you don’t get as much sleep as you’d like one day, you should take short naps to catch up on sleep during the day rather than disrupting your sleep schedule.

Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

Having a sleep-friendly bedroom is a big part of learning how to sleep well. It should stay dark enough in your bedroom for your to sleep, and you should also be able to get some quiet. Even if you don’t necessarily wake up to every noise that you hear during the night, noises can cause you to pull back out of sleep, which can be a big problem.

One way to make your room more sleep friendly is to invest in dark curtains. They were a big part of my journey on how to sleep well! You should also put a box fan or white noise machine in your room if noises are waking you up at night. At first, it can take some getting used to, but eventually, you’ll barely notice the white noise, and the frequency can block out other noises.


Everyone’s body works differently, so when it comes to how to sleep well, you’ll work differently from me. There are as many ways to sleep well as there are people, so learning how to sleep well is a personal journey. Play around with different techniques, bedtimes, and white noises to see what works best for you. When learning how to sleep well, you may need to give yourself a few weeks to see what’s most effective.

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