Lucid Dreaming Kit

The Lucid Dreaming Kit is a great investment for anyone who wants to get into lucid dreaming quickly and who doesn’t want to mess around with a bunch of different lucid dreaming solutions and options. I really like that the Lucid Dreaming Kit includes pretty much everything you need to learn how to lucid dream within a few days or weeks, and I really wish I’d known about it when I was a beginning lucid dreamer.

I heard about the Lucid Dreaming Kit from other lucid dreamers who had used it when they were starting out, and it received unequivocally great reviews. One thing that people really liked about it was that they didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of different objects to ease their journey into lucid dreaming because the kit included everything they needed. Here’s what I think of the different items included in the Lucid Dreaming Kit:

The “Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days!” Book: This is a great, informative book. It’s got a bunch of lucid dreaming advice and a step-by-step approach to help you lead up to your first lucid dream in seven days. I like the information this book has in it and the style it’s written in, but I do have a couple of cautions. One is that if you aren’t having lucid dreams in seven days, don’t be too hard on yourself. You may want to take the process a little more slowly, just depending on your personality and your individual needs. Also, don’t be afraid to look for other information on and techniques for lucid dreaming that aren’t included in the book. No one book can include them all, and there are tons of forums out there where you can add to these techniques and how-tos with information from other lucid dreamers about what’s worked for them.

The Audio Stimulation CD: This is probably one of the most useful items in the Lucid Dreaming Kit in my opinion. I love listening to the CD, and I use it often myself. It includes binaural and monaural beats, auto-pan modulation, and reality prompts, so it’s basically an all-in-one solution for bringing your brain into the right wave patterns for lucid dreams and then helping you wake up during your dreams. It’s really worth your while to try it, especially on those days when you’re just having difficulty getting into the right mindset for lucid dreaming. Trust me, I STILL get them, even after a decade of lucid dreaming!

The Reality Prompter: This is another great tool that you can use if you don’t want to use the Audio Stimulation CD. Learning to do reality checks is probably the hardest part of learning to lucid dreaming for many people, so the Reality Prompter in the Lucid Dreaming Kit can be a huge advantage to newer lucid dreamers.

Lucid Dreaming Screensaver: You can take it or leave it, but it can be helpful. One of the best ways to learn to lucid dream is by using WBTB, and when you’re awake, you should focus on lucid dreaming articles and information. The screensaver can let you do that without even logging onto the internet if that’s going to end up keeping you awake for too long. It’s a great part of the Lucid Dreaming Kit that I like using on my own computer.

The rest of the Lucid Dreaming Kit is just the Dream Log Recorder. It can be nice, but, again, it’s not totally necessary. But when it’s included with all the other items in the kit, it’s worth using. I would definitely recommend the Lucid Dreaming Kit for beginners or even more experienced lucid dreamers who just need something new to keep them going.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher