Lucid Dreaming Magic

Lucid dreaming magic is a great way to take control of your lucid dreams more easily and effectively. If you can’t believe that you can make things happen just by saying them in your dreams, then you can probably believe that you can make them happen by magic, particularly if you read fantasy or play fantasy video games.

Let’s be honest, though. Who doesn’t have some sort of belief in magic? If it was real, then why wouldn’t it work? So, if you can just make magic real in your dreams, then you can make just about anything happen.

Lucid dreaming magic is one of the most intuitive and popular dream control techniques for many people. It seems to just come naturally for some. If you aren’t sure how lucid dreaming magic might work for you or how you can make it happen in your dreams, though, here are a few tips.

Making the lucid dreaming magic

Lucid dreaming magic can be used to accomplish any number of things in your lucid dreams. You can use lucid dreaming magic to fly or jump over tall buildings, to defeat scary dream characters, or to make yourself teleport to a new dreamscape. Lucid dreaming magic isn’t terribly hard to implement, either, and you may find that lucid dreaming magic quickly becomes one of your favorite lucid dreaming techniques.

Magic objects. One way many people make lucid dreaming magic work is by creating magic objects to use for other purposes. You can just make an all-purpose magic wand, if you want, or you can have different types of objects for different purposes. For instance, maybe you can find a magic bird feather that makes you teleport to a certain type of dreamscape or a magic rock that gives you the power to fly.

If you want to have magic objects available for you to use, the simplest thing to do is simply know that they’ll be in the next room, under another existing object, or in your pocket. When you go to get them, they’ll be there.

When you want something very specific out of your magic object, it’s a good idea to spend some time picturing it to yourself before you go get it. You’ll find just what you wanted in the spot where you told yourself you’d find the magic object. However, you may also just want to find a magic wand but let your mind make up for itself what that looks like. Personally, I think this is more interesting and fun than telling your brain exactly what you want.

Magic words. Of course, when most people thing about magic, they think about magic words. Your lucid dreaming magic doesn’t have to work with generic magic words like abracadabra, but it’s a good idea if you want to come up with your own magic words. You could have a more complicated magic language where different words bring on different effects, or you could just have one all-purpose magic word or phrase that does whatever you have in mind at the time.

Magic potions. Lucid dreaming magic can often be brought on by magic potions and pills. Again, just picture that they’re in the next room or in your pocket or whatever, and they’ll be there. Then, you can use them to accomplish whatever ends you have in mind. Magic potions can make you fly, turn into a giant, or become another creature. If you want to get really creative about it, you can mix up your own magic potions according to your recipes.

What kind of magic do you believe in? Chances are that your lucid dreaming magic will match up well with magic you’ve read about or experienced through video games already!

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher