Music in Lucid Dreams

Music in lucid dreams can be one of the most amazing experiences ever. Since you’re looking at the world in a whole new way, you’re likely to experience music in lucid dreams in a totally new way, too. Some people say that music in lucid dreams actually makes them feel like they’re part of the music. For my part, music in lucid dreams usually comes with some amazing visualizations – kind of like those color and geometric shape conglomerations you get from a computer media player, but better.

Have you ever experienced music in lucid dreams? Do you want to experience music in lucid dreams? Luckily, it’s not that difficult. There are as many ways to experience lucid dream music as there are lucid dreamers, and no two people do it in exactly the same way. Some people actually memorize songs before they start dreaming just to see what those songs are like in a dream. Others make up music in their dreams, and still others find themselves experiencing some of their all-time favorite songs – or sometimes several songs at once that just seem to go together.

Creativity and Lucid Dreaming

Today’s lucid dreaming research is largely focusing on how you can use lucid dreaming to boost creativity. Artists, for instance, can walk into a gallery in their dreams and find new paintings or pictures that their subconscious has come up with. Then, they can take those and paint them in real life. It’s like using your own brain’s interesting thoughts for inspiration.

The same thing can go with musicians, or people who just like to make up music for the experience of it all. Music in lucid dreaming can connect notes and words in ways that you’ve never actively thought of before because you’ve been constrained too much by your logical brain. When your subconscious gets to interact with your consciousness like it does during lucid dreaming, truly amazing, creative things can happen in your mind.

One way to make up music in lucid dreams is to get yourself an instrument. I’d recommend an instrument you already know how to play if you’re serious about taking your in-dream compositions and transferring them to the waking world. If you just want to mess around with different options, take up an instrument you’ve never played before. Remember, you’re in a dream, and you’re the boss. You can do anything you want, including play an instrument you’ve never really experienced before.

If you want to be a composer, though, just start letting the music in lucid dreams take over. Don’t try too hard to remember what you’re composing, though. You’ll probably find later on that you don’t remember the entire song, but the snippets you do remember will be enough to help you create a new composition in the waking world.

Improving Your Real Life Playing

Some people use music in lucid dreams to make themselves better at their craft during their waking hours. You may have heard it called working on your “procedural memory.” You know how you never forget how to ride a bike once you’ve gotten the hang of it? That’s procedural memory kicking in. People who play the piano – or any other instrument – for years will find that their bodies and subconscious minds just take over when they start playing because they know so well where their fingers are supposed to go.

In your lucid dreams, you can practice music in lucid dreams that you’re playing in real life. Studies show that it will actually increase your procedural memory, making it easier to play that instrument or particular song in your waking life.

Music in lucid dreams can be a really interesting experience, and it can also help you become better at making music or playing instruments in your waking life.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher