Self Awareness in Dreams

Self awareness in dreams is also known as lucid dreaming. Most of the time, people have no self awareness in dreams until after the fact. They wake up, remember the dream, and understand that they were dreaming. Even without self awareness in dreams, some dreamers may be able to control some aspects of their dreams according to their wishes. But when you have real self awareness in dreams, you can control so much more, and you can build your self awareness overall, as well.

Some people are lucky enough to experience self awareness in dreams spontaneously. A very small portion of the population has lucid dreams without even trying, which is really amazing. It seriously makes me jealous! These people are also likely to have really vivid dreams, even when they aren’t self aware during their dreams. Some of these people learn to control their dreams without even learning lucid dreaming techniques first.

Our dreams are really all about self awareness in the first place. No matter what dream theory you subscribe to, you probably have some idea that dreams are related to our thoughts of everyday life. Many people think – and I’m one of them! – that dreams hold the key to understanding yourself by unveiling emotions and thoughts you didn’t even know you were having. So building self awareness in dreams can actually help you to build self awareness in general.

How Can This Work?

You may be wondering how self awareness in dreams can make you any more likely to build general self awareness than simply remembering and interpreting your dreams. There are several ways that becoming lucid in your dreams makes dreaming an even more effective technique for becoming self aware in general:

  • Exploring the Dreamscape Further: In normal dreams, you don’t get to explore the dreamscape because your dream just carries you along. When you’re lucid, though, you can explore the actual landscape of your dreams, noticing details that might have been veiled from you before. These details can help make dream interpretation both easier and more accurate.
  • Facing Your Attackers: Oftentimes, dreams are about being attacked or chased or intimidated. Often, you don’t know who or what your attackers are. In lucid dreams, though, you can face them, knowing you’re invincible because you’re only dreaming. Facing your attackers and even talking with them can help you understand what part of yourself they represent, bringing you to a new level of self awareness.
  • Talking with Dream Characters: Most people assume that dream characters are projections of their own minds, even when they resemble characters that they know in real life. By talking with your dream characters at length, you may be able to figure out what they’re in your dreams to tell you. Many dream characters will have specific things to say to you or about you to increase your knowledge of yourself.
  • Doing New Things: In your lucid dreams, you can cultivate self awareness in dreams by doing new things. You can try something you’ve been afraid to try before, test out solutions to interpersonal problems, or discover a new song you want to write. Doing new things through your dreams gives you the ability to do a test run of sorts, which can make you more comfortable with those actions later on.

Building self awareness in dreams isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s worth your time. By becoming more self aware in your dreams, you can become more self aware in real life. Self awareness, I think, gives you more confidence and allows you to deal with personal and interpersonal problems more effectively and quickly.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher