Shouting “Increase lucidity!”

One of the most popular ways to increase lucidity is to tell your brain to increase lucidity. This technique is similar to the MILD technique, in which you tell yourself things so that they’ll become true. In your dreams, whatever you say can become reality. As long as you believe in that fact, saying or shouting ideas can help you make them into reality.

Shouting, “Increase lucidity!” can be helpful no matter where you’re at in your dream. I like to shout it as soon as I become lucid. Often, when I first become lucid, the dream is still a little fuzzy around the edges – the details aren’t as sharp as they would be in real life, and I may not get auditory and tactile information as well as visual information. Telling my brain to increase lucidity is the simplest and most effective way I know to make the details become clear.

Now, keep in mind that as with everything else when it comes to lucid dreaming, shouting to increase lucidity needs to be done with conviction and intention. You need to really know that you’re going to increase lucidity when you shout this phrase, and you need to focus on your surroundings as you shout it.

One thing I like to do when using this stabilization technique is to focus on one particular thing in my environment – a tree, a dream character, anything, really. When I tell my brain to increase lucidity, I should begin to notice more detail in that particular thing. This process becomes even more effective if I can be touching the dream object or environment while I’m shouting, “Increase lucidity!” This allows me to bring details like texture and heat into focus as well, as the visual details of the object become clearer.

If you don’t want to shout or feel that it might disturb your dream, you can always just say, “Increase lucidity.” It works nearly as well as long as you’re saying it with conviction. If shouting the phrase doesn’t work as well as you think it should, you can shout, “Increase lucidity now!” to add emphasis and make it seem more urgent. Often times, your dream will respond better to commands that are more urgent and immediate than to those that are less so.

When to say it

Some beginning lucid dreamers get confused about when they’re supposed to shout, “Increase lucidity!” The thing is that it really depends. For many people, this is an effective way to anchor themselves in the dream as soon as it begins. I personally like to use it as soon as I’ve become lucid, since normally lucidity isn’t totally clear at the beginning of the dream.

Also, though, this can be a quick way to stabilize your dream any time things start to get a little fuzzy around the edges. Whenever you start to notice a lack of detail in your dream or begin to feel that you might wake up soon, shouting, “Increase lucidity” or “Increase focus” can help you bring your dreams back into focus, increasing lucidity and probably prolonging your dream, too.

Once your dream starts to get super de-stabilized, you may need to combine this technique with others. Luckily, it’s easy to combine with things like rubbing your hands together or spinning around. In fact, any time you’re using these other techniques, you should get in the habit of also saying or shouting, “Increase lucidity!” This only makes other techniques all the more effective, and it’s so simple, why wouldn’t you use it? Next time you’re in a lucid dream, start making a habit of using this simple stabilization technique.

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher