What is lucid dreaming?

If you’ve just stumbled upon this blog or others about lucid dreaming, you might be wondering, “What is lucid dreaming?” This is a question that has been asked by many people through the ages, as lucid dreaming isn’t a new phenomenon by any means. So what is lucid dreaming? I’m here to answer that question for you.

What is lucid dreaming: the basics

When you’re asking, “What is lucid dreaming?” you really just want a basic answer to your question to get started. Well, the most basic answer to the question, “What is lucid dreaming?” is: it’s a form of dreaming in which you become lucid during your dreams. Essentially, it’s when the logical part of your dream understands that you’re dreaming, without waking up.

What is lucid dreaming: who dreams lucidly?

You might wonder who has lucid dreams. The truth is that lots of people have them by accident, so to speak, and almost everyone can learn to have them. People who have really vivid dreams and tend to recall them easily are more likely to become lucid during their dreams. Also, lucid dreaming is more common when you’re taking a nap than when you’re sleeping through the night.

Often times, you’ll have lucid dreams when you’re close to awakening. This is because you may still technically be in the REM stage of sleep, which is where you’re most likely to have dreams, but your brain is starting to wake up. As your brain awakens, you might find yourself caught somewhere in between the physical world and the dream world. This is a fairly common way for many people to experience lucidity in their dreams, so many people dream lucidly without really realizing that’s what they’re doing.

What is lucid dreaming: can you learn to do it?

Lucid dreaming comes more easily for some people than others. For instance, those who are considered very creative or artistic and those who play video games a lot have been shown to have more lucid dreams than other types of people. With that said, just about anyone can learn to have lucid dreams, no matter what type of personality they have.

To have lucid dreams, you simply have to train yourself to recognize that you’re dreaming. Once your brain has made this connection during your dream, you’ll become lucid and will be having a lucid dream.

What is lucid dreaming: why have lucid dreams?

If you’re asking, “What is lucid dreaming?” you might also be asking, “Why try to have lucid dreams?” There are many, many reasons to try to have lucid dreams. For many lucid dreamers, their dreams become an extension of their waking hours. They can think through personal problems – or even scientific or mathematical ones – in their dreams, but they still get all the sleep they need.

Other people simply like to explore their own minds during lucid dreams. Your mind is always throwing things up that you remember, have learned, or already know. However, in a lucid dream, you can actively explore what your mind is trying to tell you so that you can understand yourself better.

Sometimes, though, lucid dreams can just be fun. You can actively take part in making your dream, so you can go anywhere and see anything you want. When you’re having a lucid dream, you can travel to distant lands or other times. You can take a vacation without spending a dime, or you can talk to interesting people.

Did you think when you asked, “What are lucid dreams?” that you’d find out so much about this interesting mental phenomenon?

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"The result of the struggle between the thought and the ability to express it, between dream and reality, is seldom more than a compromise or an approximation." - M. C. Escher